ReBirth MIME Types

Monday, August 17th, 1998 | 3:51 pm and filed in ReBirth.

I’ve made a couple of versions of the “Alpha” MOD for rebirth 2.0 available for download from here. (for those of you who haven’t grabbed it from the ftp site directly). These are still kinda rough. I’m not quite satisfied with the sample sets just yet, but feel free to play with them and let me know what i can change. The graphics are pretty much done. This MOD is really rudimentary with very little labelling and simple graphics. 

Also, Dejenerate_Oxydized version has had a minor graphics update. The 909 knobs weren’t locking in quite right.
The RBM Autotyper Utility for MacOS has been stuffed so there should be no problems with downloading it from the ftp. Sorry about this problem before. You can also Download a copy by clicking here:

The Autotyper is a drag and drop utility for changing the type/creator codes of downloaded .RBM files so that they have the proper icon and are recognized by MacOS. (Note: RBMs with the netscape icon should still work fine on ReBirth 2.0 for MacOS)

You might also consider adding the .RBM and .RBS extensions to your Internet Config setup or your MIME types in your Browser so that your system will automatically recognize them when you download them. You can even configure IC to automatically start up ReBirth when you download an RBS file. Another thing you can do is to write an applescript which moves a file to your MODs folder, and configure IC to run the applescript when you download .RBM files

Well, back to the drawing board for me:-) Ive gotta finish up some graphics!


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