More Mod Pages On the Internet

Wednesday, August 26th, 1998 | 6:59 pm and filed in ReBirth.

Hmm, no new mod ideas, yet…so i’ve put links up to other ReBirth 2.0 MODs Pagez around the internet.

Actually, that’s not completely true, i’ve been tweeking out the standard components for a track. It’s all the same samples, just different tunings on a select few so that the overtones harmonize when run through the distortion:) 

And i’ve been messing around with the RedShift Graphics and exploring the wonders of high res graphics for the ReBirth 2.0 GUI. 
Side Note: I got ahold of a copy of MacOS 8.5b7 and ReBirth 2.0 Runs great on it But I guess nothing less should be expected! 


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