PowerLogix G3 Upgrade

Wednesday, September 2nd, 1998 | 6:38 pm and filed in stuff.

Just Upgraded my System! with a 300MHz/300MHz bus 1Meg backside Cache from PowerLogix, and this baby is rockin!!! Prices were just slashed-Ridiculously low on these puppies, and I couldn’t resist! I guess the next generation of PPC 750’s are going to be coming out soon so the prices are falling fast;-)

Anyways, Just to let people know, ReBirth 2.0 is Running amazingly fast on this sucker. It takes about 3 seconds to switch between mods! Unbeleivable just click and boom! Instant Love. ReWire is smokin too!

Oh, after installing the new processor i lost some of my authorizations and had to reinsert the ReBirth 1.5 CD and 2.0 CD to reauthorize the upgrade. So as a warning to people performing the upgrade, this might happen to you as well. I suggest pulling out those authorization floppies and deauthorizing your software from your system before you do this upgrade.

Well, I’m off to overclock this sucker!


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