Standard ReBirth Edit

Friday, September 11th, 1998 | 6:37 pm and filed in ReBirth.

I’ve been busy fooling around with overclocking this new processor.  I had it clocked up to about 333MHz, but ran into some extension conflicts when booting into a normal system…oh well it still smokes at 300MHz:-)

Peff Edit of the Standard Components is available, and a demo MP3 is also online.  I ended up pitching a few of the 808 samples and Compressing the 909 kicks for the final edit version.  Feel free to check these out.

I also worked out another little track for the PhaseII Mod, and did some more graphic changes.  I’m trying to find an aesthetically pleasing look for the knobs without altering the background, but everything looks wierd and out of place with these square background frames and a round knob–the old round peg in a square hole problemmo.

Also, i can’t seem to decide on a final soundset.  The latest sampleset should come with a parental warning with a mature content label.  Not that anything is explicit, but very suggestive.  I took a sample of a female voice moaning and put it on one of the tunable tom/conga’s on the 808 and tweeking the pitch creates an interesting sound effect;-) 
Check out the track for yourself: Peff–Destiny.mp3


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