RSP 1200 completed

Saturday, December 5th, 1998 | 9:54 pm and filed in ReBirth.

RSP 1200 is available:-) The demo song needs some work but the sounds are all in there. This is a pretty cool sound set. Thanks again to Zou-Zou for putting together this set of samples.
New Project in the works: the minimod. Along the lines of the RB-SEMx, the minimod is styled after a classic vintage analog synthesizer. This has been a pet project of mine for quite a while, and i’m finally getting around to bringing this idea into reality.

I’ve been busy making some tracks lately. Some of my latest AXIOM Peace tracks are in the latest song packs on the propellerhead’s site, and some Tracks for the Trancer Mod are available onCybernetique’s Trancer Mod web page.

The recent interest in “DnB” style of percussion sounds has me changing some of the Quantum Bass Mod samples. Getting the right tone is kinda difficult, but these types of Big Bass Drum Sine wave sounds work well with the Alpha Jungle 808 kit in the QB mod.

Also, i’ve been working on some new tips and tricks for rebirth and stuff which can be found on The Computer Controlled Website. Some PCF tips; Some words about Copyrights; Knob Graphic Tips; and Audio Tips… This stuff has kept me pretty busy this week. All that Turkey has kept the trytophan levels pretty high, and my consciousness level pretty dull ;-p

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