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Sunday, December 6th, 1998 | 7:58 pm and filed in stuff.

I have put some of my rbs songs online here. Click on the little RBS icon to go to the download page.

The Technobox series of mods has yet another revision: The Technobox mkII. I think i will send this one off to the propellerheads for their scrutinization and possible submission into their collection of Official Mods. Especially since they have reopened the old 1.5 rbs archives. This version incorporates a best of sample drums to date as well as the 808 set of samples from the Technobox TB-909e. This mod will be available from here soon.

There was a slight modification made to the RSP 1200 mod. The 808 Clave and 808 Clap sounds have been replaced. the Clave has been replaced with the SP1200 Finger snap samples, and the 808 Clap has been replaced with a more authentic sounding SP1200 hand Clap. There might be a second version of the RSP1200 which has more Authentic Tom Samples on the 909 section. I will keep ya posted.

The minimod’s graphics are almost done, but i have yet to start the sample set. I’m deliberating on whether or not to create a whole set of moog percussion samples on my memorymoog+. This might be kinda handy, but it would be one of those out-there utility kind of mods rather than an all purpose cool composition tool type of mod like the Axiom peace.


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