New ReBirth Songs Online

Friday, December 11th, 1998 | 10:00 pm and filed in ReBirth.

I have uploaded some new tracks of mine. Please check them out. Comments criticisms are always welcome.

Minimod is taking some shape in terms of sounds. I’ve opted not to give it an entirely moog sound, but there will be some nice analog samples in it. I’m trying to track down a font called “Digital” which i had but lost some time ago.

Technobox mkII is online and is now available for download. This mod will work with 1.5 technobox songs but has a different 909 than the other techno box variations. This mod has been submitted to the propellerheads for their scrutiny, and pending “officialization”, Techno Boxsong makers may be able to send in their tracks for the official Propellerhead’s Song Archives.

Hami has published some more of the tip and tricks/technical advice pages that I put together on the Computer Controlled website. Some information about RBS making using the PCF for some fancy filter work, Audio info, and some tips on Knobs for Mods.


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