Minimod progress

Saturday, December 19th, 1998 | 10:12 pm and filed in ReBirth.

Minimod is near completion! Check out the GUI. The samples are a collection of various “Garage” style Synths, including the Casio CZ-101/1000, the Korg M1, Roland Juno-106 & TR-909 (new samples) and Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

I’ve also posted some new songs, including the Propellerheads ReBirth Christmas Song Challenge Winner, The little Drummer Boy (lil dnb mix). I’m considering doing a rewired version and posting the MP3 version at sometime… Plus a new track, Experiment in G Major, done in collaboration with WiSK.

If you’re like me, you’re probably busy doing your taxes for 1998, so that you can have a real Happy Holidaze and spend those extra profits on new equipment purchases before the beginning of the New Tax Year. hehe;-)

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday, and check under my christmas tree for a present on Christmas morning.


ps. I really don’t celebrate the holiday, but that doesnt mean I don’t get caught up in the spirit of things. Check out some of my holiday E-mail Greeting cards from my friends.

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