Matthias Shill’s Pattern Master

Tuesday, November 16th, 1999 | 9:39 pm and filed in ReBirth.

303:: More of Jonas’ patterns are now available for download. Actually, one is a repeat at a different tempo. I’ve also made some 303 program charts to help program and convert ReBirth patterns to the TB. You can also check these out. They are kinda useless unless you actually have a TB-303, but I know a few of you out there might find these handy :-)

Hey Hami, CC needs a mod update, we’ve got a sh*tload of new mods on the server.

LNK:: Check out Pattern Master by Matthias Schill- a cool little WinOS application which gives you a graphic piano roll interface for programming ReBirth RBS patterns. Once you’ve got some cool ones, please submit a few to Project 303 :-)

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