NAMM 2000

Saturday, February 5th, 2000 | 10:01 pm and filed in Reason.

Reason:: Well I’ve been down in Los Angeles this week for the NAMM convention. This is my first visit to the convention and I’m definitely not disappointed. The thing is HUGE and it’s a gear freaks paradise (or hell). It’s a bit of torture to see so much stuff you really want but can’t afford.

I met with Ernst, Marcus, Peter and Tage as well as Jesuspark and his brother. Last night we were out drinking where Marcus and Tage made the joke that they should have a Gearaholics Anonymous session set up at the convention. 12 steps to recovery from Gear Addiction.

Other highlights for me was the chance to meet Robert Moog and Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi of Roland Corporation, Japan. I wont even begin to go into details about equipment, but I’ll just say that there was a lot of nice stuff.

My sincerest thanks to all of the Steinberg people and Ernst and the Propellerheads for the invitation to come to the show. I had a great time and It was very nice meeting all of you. Thank you also to Ken at Digidesign, Paul at Manley Labs, Gail at Big Briar, Paul at Summit Audio, the guys at Studio Electronics, and Ron at Neumann.

MP3:: A new track created exclusively with the new Propellerhead’s Application, REASON, is now available from my page. Archer [NAMM 2000 Mix] Make sure to check the song story for information about preproduction.

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