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New ReBirth Songs Online

Friday, December 11th, 1998

I have uploaded some new tracks of mine. Please check them out. Comments criticisms are always welcome.
Minimod is taking some shape in terms of sounds. I’ve opted not to give it an entirely moog sound, but there will be some nice analog samples in it. I’m trying to track down a font called “Digital” which […]

RSP 1200 completed

Saturday, December 5th, 1998

RSP 1200 is available:-) The demo song needs some work but the sounds are all in there. This is a pretty cool sound set. Thanks again to Zou-Zou for putting together this set of samples.
New Project in the works: the minimod. Along the lines of the RB-SEMx, the minimod is styled after a classic vintage […]

RSP-1200 update

Monday, November 30th, 1998

Hey a quick word before i clear the news here for November. the RSP1200 mod is near completion. The GUI interface is done…Now i’m just obsessive complusively tweeking on the last minor details, and waiting for HD space to upload it to the ftp. In the meantime, take a sneak peak at the near finished […]

Computer Controlled Website Launched

Tuesday, November 24th, 1998

The Computer Controlled Website is now up! Hami has done a LOT of work to get this sucker going. Please visit there for more in depth info about the different mods available. We try to stay on top of the ones currently available, both official and unofficial.
We’ve added some tech tips sections to the site […]

XT4C mod

Tuesday, October 27th, 1998

Ah it’s been a while….over a week, and back to pacific standard time as well! standard time is the best… it gets dark early.
Well, i’ve taken the “UltraViolet” GUI concept and combined it with ReVerb, into the ReVerb+ mod. New on the ReVerb+ is also a set of effected 808 samples as well as the […]

Adaptor Mods..etc…

Sunday, October 18th, 1998

I’ve been working on some Photoshop Actions for the knob kit, all you have to do is run it and it will do the resize calculation:) Another knob for the 808 instrument selector is also added, and some other images to help clarify the process of using these templates. The new archive is bigger now. […]

Knob Construction Kit and other stuff

Friday, October 9th, 1998

Moving the Website involved more work than i thought. Since I lost the original documents in a Hard Drive Crash, I downloaded the site from the geoshitty server. As it turns out each page was plagued with the geocities Java Script, so i basically had to reformat new pages for all of the HTML documents. […]