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TG Virus • ReMaker

Wednesday, July 29th, 1998

AXIOM Mod is coming along:-) I’m touching up the graphics and finalizing the sound set. I might have an MP3 demo up soon.
I’ve gotten some emails asking about a ReMaker for Mac, however as far as i know, no one has yet to create such a thing. However, I have had success using remaker under […]

ReWire and Cubase VST/24 4.0

Tuesday, July 28th, 1998

Working on the MODs a little bit more, but spreading myself thin. I might have to quit the day job:-) RB2.0 has been pretty integral lately in production of stuff so there’s not much time for obsessing over mods.
I started up a demo of Cubase VST/24 4.0 with ReWire and ReBirth 2.0 and I can […]

Dejenerate Oxidized Edition Mod

Sunday, July 26th, 1998

Changing the site graphics around a bit…I’m getting tired of black
started working on a new mod, too, AXIOM. I scrounged up some Proteus Samples which seemed pretty handy. And using a new idea for knobs where the indicator changes color as you rotate the knob… I’ll have a screen shot posted sometime soon. […]

Alpha3 and TB KodeVoder Mods

Wednesday, July 22nd, 1998

I’ve revised the Graphics on Alpha3 a bit, took AnthonyEID’s advice and made the 808 and 909 frame accurate numbers. BUT the sounds still need to be set, so i don’t suggest downloading this one.
Hami (binary edit/rhythm ace) likes the dejenerate mod so much that he’s going to be revising the GUI and were collaborating […]

RB V2.0

Saturday, July 18th, 1998

Welcome fellow ReBirth V2.0 users. Here are a few glimpses of MODs currently available or in development. Heh, this site is still being put together since i’m a total novice still. Trying out Dreamweaver from Macromedia (this application is frggin great!).
The MODs are Free for your enjoyment. However some of the MODs are ones […]