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Phase II Mod

Sunday, August 30th, 1998

I’ve been fooling around with different samples in the the Phase II MOD, I took some really clean Dry Tom Samples and compressed them externally for a nice round fat feeling. 
I’ve upped a little MP3 Sample of what the Phase II sounds like. It’s mostly the Same Samples as the RedShift MOD but i’m […]

More Mod Pages On the Internet

Wednesday, August 26th, 1998

Hmm, no new mod ideas, yet…so i’ve put links up to other ReBirth 2.0 MODs Pagez around the internet.
Actually, that’s not completely true, i’ve been tweeking out the standard components for a track. It’s all the same samples, just different tunings on a select few so that the overtones harmonize when run through the […]

RedShift Finished…New GUI trick Discovered!

Monday, August 24th, 1998

RedShift Mod is online and ready for Download. The oversized graphics check out on Both Platforms. 
It seems that rebirth checks the graphics by taking the total horizontal length of the jpeg then divides it by the number of steps. It also takes into account for a 1 pixel separation between each frame. The Vertical […]

RedShift - moving along…

Friday, August 21st, 1998

I’ve Uploaded a new screenshot of RedShift MOD for ReBirth 2.0. It’s pretty much done, but because of the resized graphics, I’m asking a few friends to test it out first before i release it.
There is an undocumented feature of rebirth 2.0 mods seems to allow one to change the button and knob graphics […]

RedShift Graphics Tweak

Tuesday, August 18th, 1998

I have finished the graphics — whatever that means — for the RedShift MOD. Now I’m just tweeking the samples out. I’ve sorta learned my lesson. I’m not going to release versions until i’m really satisified with the product. One interesting note about RedShift…It requires 24bit graphics capabilities to see the detail. (Millions of Colors) […]

ReBirth MIME Types

Monday, August 17th, 1998

I’ve made a couple of versions of the “Alpha” MOD for rebirth 2.0 available for download from here. (for those of you who haven’t grabbed it from the ftp site directly). These are still kinda rough. I’m not quite satisfied with the sample sets just yet, but feel free to play with them and let […]

RedShift GUI update

Sunday, August 16th, 1998

RedShift MOD GUI Graphics update screenshot…Check out how progress is coming along;-)

RedShift Mod

Saturday, August 15th, 1998

Got a New Mod in Progress “RedShift” Not much to say about it since it’s not finsihed yet. I was working on a sample only mod and got the itch to modify the graphics on it.
A Preliminary GUI sample is here


Wednesday, August 12th, 1998

Heh, and I thought ReBirth Really Rocks!
Living in California, USA, one has the opportunity of experiencing nature’s own Superphat SubSonic Basslines which literally “Rocks the House”!!! This morning i was rocked out of bed by an Earthquake!
Looking at the Earthquake data, and from personal experience, this is an analogy of what it felt […]

ReBirth Knobs

Tuesday, August 11th, 1998

Getting Perfect Rotation From knobs
I’ve been using Infini-D by Metacreations (now corel) to build a 3d model of the knob. I suppose any 3d rendering application will work fine. This seems to be the easiest way to get perfect rotation out of knob actions. Photoshop’s rotation feature just doesn’t quite cut it. Rotated images usually […]

Knobs :-)

Tuesday, August 11th, 1998

How i do my knobs:-)
After seeing Trin’s posting on the official Propellerhead’s message board and from getting several inquiries about how i do them, i’ve written down some basic notes about how i create some of my knobs. Click on the knob icon on the left for a reprint of my posted reply.

Yet Another…

Friday, August 7th, 1998

What??!! Another One? Well not really, I’m cheating by reusing the same old GUI for the Techno Box, but this time i’ve adapted the original Techno Box by Mac Junkie for ReBirth RB-338 2.0. The 909 Section contains the TB-909e Samples while the 808 Section has the original set of MJ’s Techno Box samples.
I’ll make […]