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Factory 188 Webcast

Saturday, January 23rd, 1999

If you haven’t already checked out Factory 188’s real audio webcast, click on the link The Niftywerks guys have a lot of cool music playing off their uh.. computers and sometimes they even spin live
I’ve been tweeking out the minimod. There are new knobs and some new samples added. Also, i’m trying to […]

Regulator Mod by jb & Cipher

Friday, January 15th, 1999

Happy New Year to Everyone:-)
For anyone who hasn’t seen Regulator Yet, Go to the Computer Controlled Website and Check out this amazing new ReBirth Hack!
Not much else new going on these days, i’ve hit one of those creative brick walls. So I’m just putzing around taking it easy for now. I’ve been experimenting with a […]