Combinator Patches

Combinator Patches for Reason 4.0. Patches towards the bottom of the list will work with version 3.0.

Ring Modulator

This is a combinator patch that uses the Malström AM filter mode to create a ring modulator effect.

Dual Band Parallel Drum Bus Compression

A What the Fruckah? Let’s just say it’s for drums. I made this specifically for some Reason Drum Kits Stereo Mix patches. This is a version of parallel compression followed by another compressor to smooth out drastic dynamics changes. Based on the concept of “Two Stage Drum Compression”

Stereo DDL-1 Combi

Super basic Stereo DDL-1 configuration with an equal power crossfader. Handy for doing some funky beat juggling or transitional delay effects.

Granular Snare Hit

You might have seen the YouTube Video, or read the article I wrote for the Computer Music Reason 4.0 special, or seen a few of the examples I put in Thor Step Sequencer Refill. Here’s a personal variation of the granular sampler. This is a one shot mode created specifically for drum hits

Groove Pump Compression System

Dynamics processing Combinator patches designed to add a ducking/pumping effect beats and program music. The Groove Pump patches are keyed compression configurations set for 4/4 beats like house, trance, etc. The Daft Pump configurations use a frequency dependent sidechain which can be used with non 4/4 sources.


XySpace is a pseudo dimensional space simulation combinator patch that creates a two dimensional environment to process a mono signal. A left right pan control and front rear distance control position the input signal in a virtual environment. Comb Filters are also employed to simulate a doppler shift on the front-rear control to simulate the effect of movement. Ideally these rotary controls should be mapped to a joystick or 2D (XY) controller.

Subtractor Filter ReTrigger

Filter Retriggering configuration for subtractor patches. There’s an interesting extra trigger event which is unexpectedly introduced when holding down two or more keys and one key is released.

SubT&Mal KeyFollow Disabled.cmb

This combi demonstrates how to configure a Malström without Keyboard Follow controlling pitch. A gate CV signal is generated from a Subtractor and routed to the Gate CV input of a Malström. Note CV is not connected so the resulting pitch doesn’t change.

Capesiator V4.0

I can’t remember exactly what this was for, but it’s named after Jaques who asked to see an example of how this type of matrix modulation was possible. I found it sitting on the server and made a little modification for pitch modulation via MIDI to CV conversion in the RPG-8 Arpeggiator.

8 Fold Bit Sutra Combis

Basically a glorified Malström patch with a set of distortion units to create an evocative solo sound. Modulator routings through Rotary 4 control a variety of parameters.

TripTronic TL Combis

Tape Loop Patches that use several DDL-1 Delay Lines in series to create a long loop effect. Signal Processing added to slowly degrade the repeated signals. TL8 is an 8 second loop and the TL24 is a 24 second loop.

Spectralis Filter - SF10.cmb

No - not based on the device Spectralis. The name is derived from the filter spectrum modulation patch. Vocoder Bands randomly modulated to create a dancing filter effect.

Spectralis Synth - ST10.cmb

Similar to the Spectralis filter combinator with a Subtractor driving the filter configuration.

Peff-003 Square BF318.cmb

The BassFilter BF318 combinator is an approximation of the TB303 18dB filter for use with the 303 Square Bass refill. Certain settings sound fairly convincing especially with the right ENV MOD setting. Example Reason 3.0 Song File

Flatpack 303 BF318.cmb

A Bassfilter BF318 combinator for use with the 303 square and sawtooth samples in the Lapjockey Flatpack 1 refill. The combinator features a handy single control switch to flip between the sawtooth and squarewave sample sets.

Aphex Glass Stereo.cmb

An example of creating stereo Subtractor Patches using the Combinator.