Reason Utilities (MacOS 9)

Old Reason Utilities that work on MacOS 9 for Reason 2.5. Please note that PropDrop is only for MacOS and is not required for MacOS X.

PropDrop v2.5

Prop Drop v2 is for people who have ReCycle 2 installed. Both Reason and Recycle2 are acceptable creators for the REX2 Type. v2 modifies the creator ReCy to fileswith the .RX2 extension

Reason Folders

A collection of Folder Icons for MacOS 8.5 to MacOS 9.2.1- Keep your files organized in style

Max/MSP Rewire interface

A Max/MSP patch which configures Max to make a rewire connection to Reason. This patch also has a little sub patch that converts signal pulses into "bang" messages. The example file demonstrates a ReDrum triggering Max Events. MIDI has not been implemented in this version of the patch. Requires Max/MSP 4.0.7

Reason LFO Calculator

A Max/MSP stand-alone application. This is just a simple interface to the formula which calculates the LFO Frequency table from the Propellerheads Software Developer Zone FTP. The results are based on the 0-127 parameter settings on the Instrument LFOs. The base function is f(x) = f’*2^(x/12).