Factory 188 Webcast

Saturday, January 23rd, 1999 | 10:35 pm and filed in stuff.

If you haven’t already checked out Factory 188’s real audio webcast, click on the link :-) The Niftywerks guys have a lot of cool music playing off their uh.. computers and sometimes they even spin live

I’ve been tweeking out the minimod. There are new knobs and some new samples added. Also, i’m trying to figure out a sure fire way to eliminate those sample retrigger pops on the bass organ sounds. For those of you who have gotten earlier versions, your tracks may not work with the latest version. Check out the new screenshot of the mod and/or download minimod(b4) and try it out your self.

Any feedback is welcome, and please send me tracks that you are working on so that i can test out the sound set.

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