Minimod Variations

Thursday, February 18th, 1999 | 8:26 am and filed in ReBirth.

Hello and happy short month to everyone!

I’ve been busy offline rewiring/repairing some gear. There’s nothing like the smell of solder flux to get you going:-)

Anyways minimod is now available in 3 different flavors. minimod(b6).rbm, minimod2.rbm and minimodIIIc.rbm and can be downloaded from the niftywerks ftp server or through computer controlled hotline server. There are some slight differences between b6 and 2. The organ and piano sounds on version 2 are longer and fuller and richer sounding (these are the original minimod samples). b6 has shorter less full samples which don’t clip as badly as version 2. Also, in version 2 the 808 cb now has a string sample. IIIc is a way off tangent with some vocoder loops and some of my favorite juno filter pad sounds and some memorymoog+ samples, and some crazy female vox samples off of a Roland Dance Expansion ROM.

I’ve also been fooling around with some animation stuff (besides knobs). The result is an imagined Alien First Contact with ReBirth. Available in two forms. Real Video 5 or MPEG Video. Click on the First Contact Link for more details.

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