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Adaptor Mods

Friday, September 25th, 1998

I’m just curious as to when these other great 1.5 mods are going to be updated to 2.0 RBM files. Until then, I think i’m going to go ahead and start adapting some of them for the creators so that the drum sounds can be used with ReBirth 2.0
With the forthcoming 2.0.1 update which […]

Hard Drive Crash!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 1998

HD Crash!!!! Lost all my MOD Projects….Oh, well, good think i had just finished up AXIOM peace:-)
I lost all my webpage stuff, and email stuff. So I’m starting from scratch. Oh well, this is kinda nice –in a way. I get a new fresh start and other optimistic–bright side-crap like that.
Well, i have […]

Peace for Sideways

Saturday, September 19th, 1998

-=cIRCLE=- and i have been collaborating on a rebirth track.  He did some very nice drum work with the Axiom mod.  A bit of bad news came cIRCLE’s way in the passing of his beloved canine, “Sideways”.  This track is posthumously dedicated to Sideways. 
I worked out a little chord progression with strings and sampled […]

Standard ReBirth Edit

Friday, September 11th, 1998

I’ve been busy fooling around with overclocking this new processor.  I had it clocked up to about 333MHz, but ran into some extension conflicts when booting into a normal system…oh well it still smokes at 300MHz:-)
Peff Edit of the Standard Components is available, and a demo MP3 is also online.  I ended up pitching […]

PowerLogix G3 Upgrade

Wednesday, September 2nd, 1998

Just Upgraded my System! with a 300MHz/300MHz bus 1Meg backside Cache from PowerLogix, and this baby is rockin!!! Prices were just slashed-Ridiculously low on these puppies, and I couldn’t resist! I guess the next generation of PPC 750’s are going to be coming out soon so the prices are falling fast;-)
Anyways, Just to let […]