Adaptor Mods

Friday, September 25th, 1998 | 6:33 pm and filed in ReBirth.

I’m just curious as to when these other great 1.5 mods are going to be updated to 2.0 RBM files. Until then, I think i’m going to go ahead and start adapting some of them for the creators so that the drum sounds can be used with ReBirth 2.0

With the forthcoming 2.0.1 update which will feature the “Vintage” ReBirth Sound on the 303, having the 1.5 sounds in the RBM format will be pretty cool especially for playing your RB1.5 MOD tracks on ReBirth 2.0

If you are a 1.5 mod creator and have something against me doing this, please email me. Otherwise prepare to be assimilated…well in this case “adaptor”ed!


Oh, one other thing: I’ve signed onto the V3 DNS fowarding service, so you can reach this site by navigating to this new domain address:

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