Red Stripe Mod

Thursday, December 16th, 1999 | 9:42 pm and filed in ReBirth.

RBM:: The Red Stripe mod is finally here! This is a joint collaboration with jesuspark (infernalizer mod), JackPlug (The orchestrator and knob creator) and myself. This is the mod used to create e-priori available on my page. If you were skeptical that this track was created entirely in ReBirth, then you can now see for yourself.

Red Stripe-dnb.rbm is Brought to you by and Red Stripe Beer from Jamaica

RBS:: The demo song is available on my RBS page if you don’t know how to find the demo songs in the RBM files. e-priori(red stripe demo)

Here’s some additional Red-Stripe Info:

Red Stripe Sample Information
BP = Bass Phase TR808 BD Roland MC-202 + Moog Phaser
ST = STutter TR808 SD 1 TR909SD1 (snare) sample stutter variation
the variations refer to TR808 SD 2 TR808OH (tambourine) sample stutter variation
samples in the mod TR808 SD 3 TR909HT (Crash) sample stutter variation
NOT a Roland TR-909 TR808 SD 4 TR808HT (Loop Kick) sample stutter variation
TR808 SD 5 TR909SD1 (snare) sample stutter and pitch variation
OT = Over Tones TR808 SN 1-4 Oberheim OB8 Sync percussion random overtones
UB = Upright Bass TR808 LT Upright Bass Hard Attack (C#)
TR808 LC Soft Attack (B)
TR808 MT Upright Bass Soft Attack (G#)
TR808 MC Pluck slap back (F#)
LP = Loop TR808 HT Drum Loop (default 140-2bars long)
RP = Reverse Loop TR808 HC Reverse Loop and snare roll (works best on even steps)
WT = WaveTable TR808 CL A 5th PPG Wavetable
TR808 RS E 5th PPG Wavetable
TR808 MA G# 5th PPG Wavetable
TR808 CP C# 5th PPG Wavetable
MF = Modulation/Filter TR808 CB EMS VCS-3 Ring Modulation/Filter Effect
VX = Vox TR808 CY Female Vocal
TM = TaM TR808 OH Tambourine (live sample)
RM = Ring Modulation TR808 CH EMS VCS-3 Ring Modulation Descending
KD = Kick Drums TR909 BD1-BD4 Kick Drums correspond with Snare Drums
SD = Snare Drums TR909 SD1-SD5 KD1:SD1, KD2:SD2, KD3:SD3, KD4:SD4&SD5
SB = Sub Bass TR909 LT Sub Bass (Prophet 5)
BP = Bass Pad TR909 MT Prophet 5 Bass Pad (D)
CR = CRash TR909 HT Crash Cymbal
RS = Rim Shot TR909 RS Dark Rim Shot
BG = BonGo TR909 CP Bongo
H1 = Closed hat 1 TR909 CHH Closed Hi Hat (Originally Corresponds to BD3:SD3)
H2 = Closed Hat 2 TR909 OHH Closed Hi Hat (Originally Corresponds to BD1:SD1)
VC = reVerse Crash TR909 CCY Reverse Crash Cymbal (TR909HT reversed)
RC = Ride Cymbal TR909 RCY Ride Cymbal

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