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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005 | 8:06 am and filed in Reason, peff, Power Tools For Reason.


So. The good news is that we’ve finished going over the composites for the book. The bad news is that we had absolutely no time to do a thorough pass-through. I’ll apologize in advance for missed errors and such, but overall I think things look pretty good with Power Tools for Reason 3.0. Apparently the book is being indexed this week and will go to press early next week. It should be here by 2007, but with the way things have gone with this project, I wouldn’t be surprised if some catastrophe prevented it’s release.

It’s been a little frustrating, but what can you do? I think it’s time that I learn Quark or InDesign should I plan to do another title. In the idle months that have passed since we finished the manuscript, I could have probably learned to handle layout.

Again, my apologies to those who have placed their orders in advance, expecting to receive a copy in September.

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  1. Frank Feyertag Says:

    very bad news - however I hope you mean 2006 instead 2007?

  2. Peff Says:

    Well, my frustration with this was vented in a bit of sarcasm. In reality, I’m guessing it should be out in November 2005.

  3. KRichards Says:

    ‘Glad to hear you will get a release. That is frustrating. I’m definitely ordering my copy - is the offer still up at Robotspeak ? Thanks.

  4. RCory Says:

    Well, I have it on pre-order… Hopefully Reason 3.5 won’t be out for a while! ;)


  5. Fresha Says:

    Already own a copy of PowerTools for Reason 2.5, and what a quality book that is!! I’m hoping that there is even more heavier tweaking and generally mashing up the rack modules into weird and wonderful shapes in the new book - can I be emailed as and when the book is published and available to us in the UK? Got my money here, waiting to swap for one of them books for sure!!

    Keep up the good work, new PT-Reason website looks super slick too - felt like Superman on Krypton while I was there!!

  6. Peff Says:

    Thanks guys. I hope the new edition wont disappoint. A word of warning though, most of the content is very similar but simply adapted to Reason 3.0. So the projects with those complex CV cable routings are now revised as combinator patches. There are a few new things, but the principles are more or less the same. Naturally, there’s an emphasis on the new mastering devices.

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