Visit from Cipher

Monday, October 31st, 2005 | 10:09 am and filed in Friends.


It’s like reunion month or something. I’ve been receiving emails and phone calls from old friends and it’s been nice to hear how people have been doing and what they’ve been up to-come to think of it, this entire year has been filled with these reunions. Yesterday, I met up with Ritchie Argue, known in the ReBirth World as Cipher - one of the old CC crew and maker of the Regulator mod hack. Knowing full well how much i hate unexpected guests, he (with my cousin, Tamiko, in tow) decided to make an unannounced visit.

Having never visited the house here, i gave him the full tour of the quaint little town of San Juan Bautista. We took a stroll down the main street, and over to the Mission. Then the three of us to a drive up to Fremont Peak State Park, where you can see the entire central coast region around Monterey Bay up to Santa Cruz.

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