Vintage RDK project

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005 | 2:41 pm and filed in Reason, peff, Combinator, ReFill.

I’ve been working a set of combinator patches for RDK for a few weeks here that make use of the new NN-XT hierarchical structure used in the new RDK 2 (Reason Drum Kits v2.0) library from Propellerhead Software. RDK is great for adding the live drum feel to a production, but I wanted something different. I wanted a set of drums that I could manipulate to make drum loops that sound old school-like early 70s recordings.

Starting with the base RDK All microphone set ups, i’ve come up with a set of patches that use different combinations of drums and effect routings that are dynamically controlled with subtle pitch and envelope modulations to create timbral variety depending on the type of sequence being created. These patches are little more elaborate than simply processing the stereo mix through a Scream 4 and a filter.

I’ll be releasing an early version soon in a ReFill, but there might be a final version with a customized skin that aptly fits the concept of “Vintage RDK”

I’ve also posted a set of combis just for fun based on the BitSutra Malström patch i created for the FSB3.0. If you haven’t found them already on the combinator patch download page, you can give them a try here:

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