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Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 | 11:16 am and filed in peff, Combinator, Tutorials.


I just finished up a selection of combinators for an upcoming article in Computer Music Magazine. The article isn’t a tutorial, but more or less a feature that describes several patching configurations, the device chain(s), and explanation of controls. The combi patches include an expanded Matrix Triggered Dr.REX players, a Pattern Filter, a Wavetable Sequence Synth, a super-charged DnB performance/split patch, and PhaTractor, a stereo subtractor patch that uses a unique EQ system to warm up the sound. Space permitting, there is also an auto-scratcher patch that relies on the Scratch REX loops on the Factory Sound Bank.

So, CM readers keep on the lookout. There are demo RNS files as well as the patches, and I inadvertently included a multiband mastering suite in one of the demo songs - this is an older version of a patch i’m currently working on.

Computer Music has made this article publicly available and you can download the PDF file from their archive:

Free CM tutorial PDFs

Specifically: the Reason Combinator Tutorial (7.5mb) and associated example files

13 Responses to “Computer Music Reason Combinator Tutorial”

  1. Marco Raaphorst Says:

    Must be great. Nice one Kurt!

  2. mark tarlton Says:

    looking forward to it!

  3. Linus Persson Says:

    Yeah! A Wavetable Sequence Synth sounds exciting!

  4. [david.kain] Says:

    Hey Kurt!

    That DnB performance patch sounds fantastic! Any chance you’ll be releasing these for the general public on your site, or will they be available to CM subscribers only?


  5. Simon Ho Says:

    On whihc issue of Computer Muisc it’ll be published.?

  6. zef Says:

    Good ! I’m looking straight forward to the next issue ! I subscribed to CM magazine for 2 years now, and it’s good to know that people like you can write something really serious about Reason & especially Combinator ! I’m still impressed about your graceful science !…

  7. Simon Ho Says:

    Just got the Computer Music issue 100. Glad that the Combi patches are there! Great!

  8. Peff Says:

    Cool. Thanks for letting me know it’s out!

  9. Simon Ho Says:

    It’s strange that my Reason Combinator does not read the ‘ Pattern Filters ‘patch. It could just load 5 out of the 6 patches.

    Using G4, O.S.10.2.8

  10. Peff Says:

    Pattern Filters is an effects combi. Make sure you have the browser set to ‘Show: All Effects’

  11. Flandersh Says:

    Have got it now, great work man…. just sent in my essential tools for reason 3.0 to them, hopefully they add it to readers patches.

  12. Ha.Dj Says:

    Hi Mr.Kurt
    I Love Your Siteeee, and I love Reason.


  13. Phillip Says:

    Just picked up CM issue yesterday.

    Just put in DVD today. ;-|

    Awesome ! ! ! ;-)

    Yoda please forgive me, I’ve droped my light sabre ! ! ! ;-|

    One Love.

    God Bless.

    Learning for a lifetime. ;-|

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