Site 4.2 Beta

Saturday, June 10th, 2006 | 6:54 pm and filed in peff.

The site is going through some growing pains. I thought I could get away with the old site for awhile, until I made the mistake of letting someone have the the wp-theme files. All of a sudden there was another wp-blog site on the web that looked terribly similar to this one. This forced my hand to make a few changes, which may be an improvement.

A flash based font display system has been installed, and hopefully will run without problems for most people. Macromedia Flash is required to see the fonts. One of the default fonts that came with the install looks incredibly similar to the primary font in Power Tools for Reason, so the new look complements my printed works.

Feel free to post up feedback if you find any bugs, as well as your impressions!

10 Responses to “Site 4.2 Beta”

  1. Ingo Vogelmann Says:

    Only thing is the navigation bar font which I really dislike (Verdana) ;o) … urmmm, well … seems like this is the font of the whole page, LOL

  2. Peff Says:

    yeah÷ perhaps i should go with helvetica. Eventually i’d like to apply this flash font to the nav bar as well/

  3. Tamiko Says:

    It looks *awesome!* Trade Gothic looks so much better and is more tailored to your style than Century Gothic. =)

  4. neoverse Says:

    what is the benefit of using flash to display fonts in the titles?

  5. ian Says:

    looking good peff!

  6. RCory Says:

    Hey Peff! I admire all of your hard work. The “Samsara is Nirvana” page is missing it’s logo…

  7. KK Says:

    Good work Kurt. All I am bothered about is for you to please try and spend more time work and members…we miss U and if others don’t…I do..oooops!

    The website look good enuff…in my opinion whats important is visitors gettin’ the info they want…

    One more thing…I think your journal should be available in .pdf version also…

  8. Johan Royen Says:

    Yeah, what exactly is the benefit of using Flash to display fonts?

  9. Tokahontas Says:

    Some of your old Rebirth 338 tracks are amazing! I ended up listenting to the whole lot. Thanks :)

  10. Peff Says:

    Besides testing out a new technology, there is only an aesthetic benefit of using the flash fonts. If it’s a problem simply click on the link that says “sIFR Disable”.