Reason Workshops: August 19 & 20 in SF

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006 | 7:47 am and filed in Reason, peff, Reason Users.

I’ve been busy preparing for a couple of upcoming Reason workshops, to be held at Recombinant Media Labs in San Francisco. This are going to cover the same basic topics as the last time, however, the first class for beginners is going to be a little faster paced since most people who attended were already somewhat familiar with music production. GW and I are planning to streamline the advanced course in order to cover more ground in the time allotted, but otherwise, both days will basically be the same.

For the last workshop, a lot of people brought in MIDI controllers along with their laptops, and we will try to better accommodate the space requirements.

Registration is now open on the Recombinant Labs Website

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