Cercophracta - Real World Remixed

Thursday, August 10th, 2006 | 11:39 am and filed in Reason, Music, Music Software.

If you haven’t heard about Real World Remixed then you have to go check it out. Real World Records is giving people the opportunity to remix tracks from their artists, including Peter Gabriel’s classic, Shock the Monkey.

The Sample packs include individual tracks broken down into stems, so you can hear each element of the song - unmixed - and ready for remix. Once finished, you upload your remix back onto the site for others to enjoy. There is an interesting clause in the use of the samples, and distribution of a remix is only allowed through the Real World Remix site. There are some really cool ones on the site including many from fellow Reason users.

I spent a couple of free days working with the samples from Shock the Monkey. Besides Reason, I used Melodyne to tweak the pitch and groove of the vocals, and Logic Pro as a rewire host to arrange the vocal sections. Once edited, the vocals were loaded back into a NN-XT sampler and triggered in Reason. It’s ok, but I just didn’t have enough time to tweak it out more. You can have a listen here:

Cercophracta - Remix of Peter Gabriel’s Shock the Monkey

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  1. hrza Says:

    great rmx man…I ve enjoy listen to it…

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