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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006 | 10:01 am and filed in Reason, Reason Users. is a very cool concept where Reason Users contribute song files to a collective based on proposed criteria. From the pool of files, people can see how others have developed a solution that fits the guidelines. This will certainly be a cool way for others to learn a few tricks in producing music with Reason.

The site has been started by a fellow Reason User, Stuart aka defconx, and to get things started, he’s initiated a competition with iTunes Music Store and Amazon prizes for the first challenge:

Compose an original 30 second drum solo in Reason. Use any devices and effects that you like. Don’t brush this challenge off too quickly. As you know in Reason there are several devices you can use to create drum riffs. Will you trigger layered sounds on an NN-XT? Will you use a Matrix device? …. The only criteria are the following:

  • Must be your original work
  • Should be composed 100% in Reason
  • Must be submitted by 11:59PM EST - Friday Sept 29, 2006 (more details to come)
  • Should not exceed 30 seconds
  • Should submit a write-up with how you approach the problem and a bit about your solution.

Check out for the details.

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  1. [david.kain] Says:

    This looks like a blast! I like the idea of limiting yourself in this manner — should really stimulate creativity of a different sort.

    I think I’ll take a stab this evening =)

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