Massive Attack & DJ Shadow

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 | 9:54 am and filed in stuff.

I met up with the guys who helped me with the Power Tools for Reason 2.5 CD-rom project: Joe, Rich (and Begonia), and Carson; and we caught the Sept 22 show of Massive Attack at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect evening in the Bay Area. It was a clear and warm Indian Summer day which lead to a beautiful evening in the Hills above Berkeley.

DJ Shadow was fantastic, but even more impressive was his visual presentation of CG animation synchronized to his work. It looked amazing and added a produced element you rarely see in electronic music visuals.

Massive Attack certainly didn’t disappoint. Although Daddy G was not present (congrats on the new baby), the show was amazing. Considering the acoustics at the Greek Theater, my expectations were not very high, but I was pleasantly surprised. Carson and I headed over to check out the gear, and I saw a screen with some “Bitplant” gui on it. I then realized they were using a digi Venue board. I have to say that the sound was unbelievable - it was almost too perfect! There were some delicate drum parts and hi-hat work going on and they mixed perfectly even with a blaring electric guitar roaring.

Heading into the concert I kept wondering how would MA deal with the various vocal parts for their body of work. Sure enough they brought in quite a few guest singers who performed many of the classics. And I was (again) pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Calhoun Says:

    I was at this show too, and while I agree Shadow’s visuals were good, and Massive’s hi hats did indeed sound superb, I was disappointed in the show as a whole. Shadow’s only problem, in my opinion, was Lateef. But I really was not feeling Massive that night (apart from a few sublime moments, usually when Horace Andy was on stage). To me it felt too staged and lacking in spontaneity. Maybe they’ve done the same songs the same way a few too many times. Maybe it was just the absence of Daddy G. Maybe the show never could have lived up to the hype in my head - I mean, DJ Shadow and Massive Attack! - but for whatever reason I wasn’t feeling the magic.

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