Laptop Jam 06.2

Thursday, October 26th, 2006 | 10:56 am and filed in Reason, Reason Users.


The SF Bay Area Reason User Group had another cool laptop jam at Lennon Rehearsal Studios in the SOMA district. Everyone’s weekend schedule was pretty loaded recently, so we decided to organize a mid-week get-together. Besides the usual suspects (Ed, Mark, and me), Rick and Tony (along with his classmate John) came by to sync up and jam along.

The Lennon space is pretty comfortable and has a stage where we crowded in close quarters. This setup seemed to work better than the previous jam since we could keep close eye contact with each other and keep things flowing better.

For the next Jam, Tony is going to see about using the library at his school, Cogswell Polytechnic College down in the south bay. I’m not exactly sure when this will happen, but I’ll post something when we know for certain.

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