The Producers Conference

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006 | 1:25 pm and filed in Propellerhead, Reason Users.


Similar to the event in Stockholm a few weeks ago, Propellerhead Software organized the Producers Conference last weekend where users from all over California attended. One person had even flown up from Los Angeles just for the event. Organized by Robert Pointer, the Props US rep, The Conference turned out to be a great event at the Recombinant Media Labs in San Francisco.

In the days leading up to the event, Rob was concerned that only a handful of people would show up. We were setting up pretty early Saturday morning, and around 8:00am, people started lining up outside. By the time we started, the room was at capacity! Despite the early morning hour, we were all happy to see the die hard Reason users show there support.


The presentations cut across a variety of topics James Bernard and I had presented a couple of combinator related lectures, and Erik Hawkins presented an NN-XT Sampling …uh… discussion, and Arabian Prince talked about using Reason to produce a variety of work. I think everyone will agree that Arabian was the most interesting out of this lot, especially when he spoke about winning a little bet he had with Dr.Dre about producing tracks with Reason vs. Dre’s MPC. Yes, Arabian won using Reason!

Despite being a little rough around the edges, the day seemed to go pretty well. I had been up since 6:00am and the event went until about 5:00pm. Despite being over-caffinated, I was still sluggish all day long. I’m pretty certain there will be another Producers Conference in a different city. We’ll get the details smoothed out for the next one, and hopefully make it an evening event rather than a morning thing :-p

3 Responses to “The Producers Conference”

  1. Nick Wax Says:

    Hey Kurt. I really appreciated your lectures. As I have mentioned to Rob (and a few other people), I would have been great if someone has moderated the questions a LOT more. hahaha, but anyway… Thanks for all of your knowledge imparting. I look forward to the next SF conference. btw, I noticed that you have a Bay area user group. I’d love to join (even though I live in Modesto). I’m always trying to broaden my knowledge.


  2. Andy Says:

    I’d love to see something similar in the Chicago area. Heck I wonder if there are any user groups or events around here at all.

  3. Peff Says:

    Hey Andy,

    You should start one up. I know of a few Reason users/electronic music freaks in the Chicago area

    Nick: Yeah, there were some rough moments. I think they will work out the kinks for future events.