Biggest Reason Laptop Jam Yet!

Saturday, March 10th, 2007 | 9:45 am and filed in Reason, Friends, Reason Users.


The last Reason Laptop JAM was bigger than expected which turned out to be a mixed blessing. It was great to have a large turnout, and surprising to see so many Reason users in the Silicon Valley area who were up for the challenge. We even had one fellow Reason user come out from way out in the Central Valley - Fresno! Special Thanks to Tony (Cubricon) for organizing the location at his school, Cogswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale.

It seemed like the first 90 minutes or so we were plagued by technical issues. Darrin W. and I both had recently acquired Novation Remote SL61 keyboards and could not get MIDI Sync running properly. Ed had a new MacBook Pro and couldn’t get his MIDI drivers working. Nick and Marc also had driver problems on their PCs, and the real kicker was troubleshooting MIDI to find out that I had plugged them into the wrong sockets. Such are the woes of dealing with electronic music and MIDI.

Eventually things were working right and we managed to get a few moments where things fell right into place. These are definitely learning experiences, and each event seems to get a bit more interesting.

You can see a few picts from the event and past events here:
Peff’s Laptop Jam Pics

2 Responses to “Biggest Reason Laptop Jam Yet!”

  1. Mixer Jaëxx Says:

    Yo man, that looks like an awesome event. Don’t think I didn’t notice the dude in the background jammin’ on the MIDI guitar. ‘Freakin’ awesome.

    Peace & Respect
    Mixer Jaëxx

  2. Goh Says:

    Air guitar : )