Virtual Instruments Magazine Composers’ Workshop

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 | 7:18 am and filed in Music.

A new forum on the Virtual Instrument Magazine Website has been launched. Dubbed “The Composers’ Workshop”, this messageboard allows people to post a link to their MP3 files and receive honest feedback from other composers, as well as the forum moderator, respected guru of electronic music, Jim Aiken!

To quote Jim, “I’ve noticed that a lot of electronic composers (including myself) work in isolation in our studios. The Workshop is an opportunity for us to share our work with one another and offer support, suggestions, etc. It’s about the music, not the gear … and not primarily about the style or genre, either. I’m hoping to attract musicians from a wide variety of genres, because I feel we can all learn from one another. As the moderator, I’ll be trying to stimulate discussion and keep the threads from going too far afield.”

To find out more about participation, please visit Jim’s Site,


Visit the Virtual Instrument Magazine Website - Composer’s Workshop Forum

2 Responses to “Virtual Instruments Magazine Composers’ Workshop”

  1. Chase Says:

    Hey where’s the forum for reason users…would love to connect with other producers.

  2. Peff Says:

    The main one is on the props website…

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