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Ok, before you get all crazy about Reason 4.0 being on the iPhone, this is just just the screenshot from the props website set as my wallpaper background…

After having an iPhone for a week, I have to say that i’m pretty happy with this piece of technology, worthy of the hype. For me, it was worth the wait. Obviously, email and voice is nothing really new, but having a single communications device for email and voice and web browsing is something unbelievably handy. I was on the verge of going with a treo or crackberry last year, but decided to hold off when the iPhone was announced.

My first iPhone malfunctioned after 3 days of use. Perhaps it was all of the people who touched it and wanted to play with the features, but the touch screen simply stopped responding. I could still dock the device and sync it, but I couldn’t unlock and use it. I tried restoring the settings, but nothing seemed to work. Fortunately, i managed to pop the sim chip out and drop it back into my old Motorola V3i, and I had voice and sms back up and running in a matter of minutes. I was relieved to know that in the worst case scenario, I could have voice com back up in seconds.

The next day, i scheduled an appointment with the Apple Store in Santa Clara, and had a new iPhone in my hands within minutes. We swapped the Sim over from my Motorola, and reactivated the new phone and restored my contacts, music, video, bookmarks, and email settings from my laptop. It was pretty painless!

i can certainly echo the main complaints others have voiced: Namely, the speed of the AT&T Data network. However, it’s fast enough to get the basics done. I’ve been at a couple of meetings where a quick google search was in order and no wi-fi was available, and in a few minutes i had the answer to the questions.

Another issue I’m facing is spam going to my email account. Having access to the POP server is great, but the client application is bombarded with spam, so i’ve spent a lot of time sorting through the inbox. It’s going to be another expense to figure out a solution for this problem. I’ve got a system of filtering through gmail, but the POP client through Gmail is less than satisfactory at the moment since I don’t have access to the bulk folder.

Considering that Apple is so important in the audio industry, one would think that there are cool set of ringtones included in the iPhone, but most of them suck… bad… My other big complaint is that I cannot customize ringtones! I used Reasons to make a custom ring tone set for my motorola, and can’t transfer these over, so i’m stuck with the insipid system sounds. When I get some free time, i’m going to look into the hacks to see if there’s access to the audio resources….

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    Don’t know if you remember me but we use to know each other on hotline in the late 90’s. I was “stain”. Anyway if you didn’t figure out the free way to get your ringtones on the iphone here it is. I take the mp3’s and make them aac in itunes then drop them on this app: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/25788/makeiphoneringtone . Once it completes sync your phone and you have the ringtones. It works with the most current firmware and itunes.

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