Brian Nottingham’s Reason Patchlist

Friday, March 28th, 2008 | 9:33 am and filed in Reason, Reason Users.

Brian Nottingham sent me some excel spreadsheets that contain the file names of every patch in the Reason 4.0 Factory Soundbank. One of these spreadsheets even includes comments and descriptions. This was a massive undertaking - a data entry marathon of sorts, and Brian is generously offering the list to the Reason community. Many Thanks!

Reason 4.0 Factory Sound Bank Patch List

The Patchlist Project is intended to help Reason owners work more efficiently
with regards to quick access to information about the available sounds contained
in the extensive Factory Soundbank of Reason 4.

The extensive range of patches (nearly 3000 not counting the many REX files)
makes it easy to get lost in the “rabbit hole” of endless auditioning. Having a full
patchlist with descriptions helps provide a ready “go to” document whereby you
can quickly scan and jump to a sound that may have the qualities you are looking
for, without having to load and reload the sound, especially if you forget to add it
to your Reason Favorites list within the Reason Browser.

There are two formats of the lists:
BLANK lists, where the user can personalize the comments/favorites,
DESCRIBED lists, where this user carefully auditioned and analyzed each patch with personal interpretation.

It may prove useful to see the brief descriptions of the nature of each patch.
There only difference in the two “printer version” files is that each page gets a
header row. The two files that do not have “printer version” in the filename have
header rows where appropriate, but not specific to page breaks.

Download Brian Nottingham’s Reason Patchlist files

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