Testing the Rewiring

Sunday, January 11th, 2009 | 1:17 pm and filed in Music, Gear.


I’ve had my workstation and patchbay up and running for several weeks now, but my friend Goh came over to help me give it a thorough testing. I’ve installed a Universal Audio 2192 Master Audio Interface along with a Dangerous Music D-Box monitor control system. This is my dream audio recording and monitoring rig to interface my analog world with the digital. Basically it’s Two amazing channels of recording and monitoring. 8 or 16 would be nice, but for my home project use, I would rather have two great channels over 8 mediocre ones.

The recording chain was pretty basic. Goh’s vocals were tracked through my Wunder Audio CM-7 connected to a Revolution REDD.47 into the Modified Altec RS-124 Compressor into the UA2192. The Guitars were recorded simultaneously through an AKG C-12VR into a Telefunken V72 with a bit of compression through a Manley Monoblock VariMu into the UA2192.

The Digitized signal was monitored back out of the 2192’s analog outputs through the Dangerous Music D-Box, so there was very little latency during recording. The D-Box has a talkback feature which made it easy to communicate to Goh who was recording in my front room while I monitored at my workstation.

Everything worked pretty well, and it was fun to quickly patch things around on my TT patchbay. I have to say that the Dangerous Music D-Box has amazing converters - certainly they are mastering quality with an evenness and clarity that make them easy to use during long sessions. Running the system at 96kHz/24 bit wordlength, I noticed very little ear fatigue over the course of the session.

Hopefully Goh will distribute the tracks online to people who have signed onto the mail list, so that you might be able to hear how amazing things sound. Until then, you will have to rely on the crappy YouTube audio compression on his page:

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