moogerfooger synth via Reason 4.0

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 | 6:21 pm and filed in Reason, Synthesizers, Gear.

This video shows how I have the Reason/Thor MIDI to CV conversion process applied to the moogerfoogers. The MF-107 FreqBox oscillator output is connected directly into the MF-101 Low pass filter. Thor’s key note value, mod wheel, pitch bend, aftertouch, LFO, and envelope generators all modulate the two pedals to create a functional monophonic synthesizer.

For more information about how this is configured please see the prior post here:

I’m also posting the the Reason Song file. The CV to Audio cables in the Reason rack are terminated on the Spider Audio splitters in the Combinator. If you plan to make this work, configure your MOTU audio driver, get (make) the right cables with Pin 3 to Ground and Pin 2 Hot. Again, the moogerfoogers have +5dc on the ring contact, so isolate that connection. It probably wont do any damage if the current is going to your audio interface, but the calibration will be wacky. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The file is available here:

moogerfooger monosynth control.rns

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