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Monday, February 8th, 2010 | 10:12 am and filed in Friends, Record.


The base development of the CycleOn combinator is pretty much finished. Since this is simply a single combinator that relies on REX loops, I’ve been working on a small library to complement the patches. After digging through some old files, I stumbled across some test session files from the time I tracked Goh Nakamura’s Ulysses album. Tim Bulkley had managed to borrow an amazing vintage Gretsch kit, and we tracked a few minutes of him jamming.

I’ve imported the audio tracks into Record, and started mixing them for use as REX loops in the CycleOn refill. I’ve decided to share a small portion of the MP3 above in a Record Session. You can get an idea of how we tried to get a certain feel by only using a a kick drum mic, a mono overhead and some room mics.

Download TimBulkleyWarmupHangar.record.zip

Record Tip: In the Main Mixer, you will see two overhead tracks, [AKG D-19 R47], [AKG D-19 R47 Copy]. The ‘Copy’ track is just a duplicate of the original track, however the mixer settings are different. The filters are tuned to isolate the snare drum which then ‘keys’ the noise gate so that mainly snare hits pass through, and this reinforces the snare in the mix.

Because the final audio is intended for loops, I’ve pushed the bass a little to beef things up.

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