Migrating Record Locations & Favorites to Reason 6

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 | 8:01 am and filed in Reason, Record.

A Reason+Record Duo User who attended the Producers Conference in Las Vegas asked a rather important question about losing all of his patch browser “Favorites” and “Locations” settings when upgrading from the RR5 Duo package to Reason 6. We discovered that it is possible to migrate these settings provided you are working on the same computer system and the locations of refills and other patch data has not changed in the upgrade process. If your refills are somewhere in a user document location and have not been moved, this process should work fairly smoothly. If your refills and patches were in the Reason Application folder or have been moved, this may not work. While this may not be relevant for every user, those who have put an extensive amount of time in organizing refills and patch lists in Record will probably want to migrate these lists into Reason 6.

Before proceeding with this process, quit Record and/or Reason 6, and make sure your account has administrator privileges. Otherwise, find the administrator and have them perform this process.

The Reason/Record Browser stores the patch location information in “.favo” files. On a Mac OS system, the files can be found in the following directory:

Drive (MacHD) \ Users \ username \ Library \ Application Support \ Propellerhead Software \

and on a Windows system:

C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Propellerhead Software \

You will see folders for “Reason” and “Record”, and each contain similar files, including “Locations.favo” and any other favorites lists. To transfer your Record locations settings to Reason 6, simply replace the “Locations.favo” in the Reason folder with the one from the Record folder. When you Launch Reason 6, the locations list will appear as it did in the Reason+Record Duo browser.

Instead of deleting the Reason 6 list, I renamed it to “Locations2.favo”, and then copied the Record “Locations.favo” into the Reason folder. “Locations2″ appears as a favorites list, and my old Record settings now populate the browser Locations lists.

As a reminder, you no longer need Propellerhead Record, and should now only launch Reason 6. I recommend that you transition through the upgrade process slowly and try to keep your old files around. If you have uninstalled Record from your system, you may have lost previous locations lists. Rename the old application folder to “Reason 5″ and keep both v5 and v6 installed. Once you’re confident that everything is working properly in Reason 6, then uninstall Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

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