Alias8 CV Controller Rack Extension

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 | 8:58 am and filed in peff, Rack Extensions.

The Alias8 Rack Extension is all about control. Place the device at the top of your rack, route some connections, customize the labels, and start tweaking. Once your routings are configured, you no longer have to scroll through to find that all important filter knob or trigger button in your complex rack setup.

The Livid Instruments Alias8 inspired the idea of having a Reason Rack Extension that visually mimics a hardware control surface and seamlessly integrates remote mapping; bridging the gap between you and the Reason rack. This collaborative effort with the good people of Livid Instruments has resulted in the ultimate virtual control interface, the Alias8 CV Controller!

Available from the Propellerhead Shop

Example Reason Files

Loop Launch and Live FX:
Alias8 Modular Style Song Demo:
Granular Sample Manipulator with Buffre Beat Repeater:

Operation Manual

Detailed Documentation which includes various example projects is available from the following link:

Alias8 CV Controller Operation Manual

Version 1.0.1 PDF Download. Requires Adobe Acrobat or other PDF Reader

Livid Instruments Alias8 Hardware Controller

The Alias8 Rack Extension works seamlessly with the Alias8 Hardware controller through Reason Remote scripting. There’s some basic setup required as well as a recommended firmware upgrade. For more information, please visit the Livid Instruments Reason Support Page

For more information about the Alias8 Hardware Controller, visit the Livid Instruments Website

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