Thursday, November 29th, 2018 | 12:54 pm and filed in Synthesizers, Buchla.

I’ve been troubleshooting some issues with the large Buchla system where the 225e MIDI decoder and Preset Manager lock up unexpectedly. Fortunately Doug at Studio.h has a solution available. I’ve installed his bus repeater modules on the power/data bus boards, and the problem seems to have been solved. I did have to adjust the wiring harness on the main powered boat… Note to Self: double check that wiring harness before collapsing the case!

I’ve also installed Doug’s Dual Precision Oscillator module which is inspired by the Buchla 258 oscillator and responds to MIDI information over the internal data bus. The Studio.h ‘DPO’ replaces Mark Verbos’ 258v module that I was in operation previously.

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