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Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 | 2:57 pm and filed in Synthesizers.

Danny Kim, known for organizing the Binary Society art and electronic music events around Silicon Valley, has created a new print publication called Open Source. I’ve contributed a rather technical article on decibels and voltage levels as they relate to synthesizers and control voltages, along with tips and approaches to interfacing different types of audio equipment.

Open Source

Open Source is a journal of synthesizer culture, visual art and technology. It was conceived and meticulously crafted for the synth community by passionate musicians and artists in Silicon Valley with collaborators spanning the globe. This limited run of 200 issues will only be available in physical print at select boutique synth shops. Each issue includes a 4GB microSD card loaded with audio visual goodies including two full-length albums. The ad-free publication retails at $30 USD / 28 Euros.

Issue 01 Features:

  • an in-depth interview about the virtual vs. sensual artistic process with ambient maestro, Robert Rich showcasing his personal paintings
  • a year-long development journal on the BLCK_NOIR written by designer Andreas Zhukovsky
  • Interview with visual artist, Bill Wiatroski discussing “Manifestation”, his analog video installation in Alameda, CA
  • Creating electroacoustic instruments using contact mics by Nathan Moody
  • Guide to Granular Modular Synthesis by Austin Cairns
  • Decibel levels in Eurorack Synthesis by Kurt Kurasaki
  • And James Cigler’s perspectives on moving beyond East Coast vs. West Coast synthesis.
  • The included audio visual program on a 4GB microSD card contains:

  • Open Source Records presents “Rituals:in:Time”, an exclusive album by m.0 aka Maurice Jackson including the “Passage” music video directed by Danny Kim.
  • “Blck Noir”, an album from Principal Uno (Julia Bondar and Andreas from including a bonus track named,
  • “Le Fleur du Mal” and a behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot.

  • An exclusive preview of r bene’s untitled album.
  • Five original patches from James Cigler, m.0, r beny, Distco and Qorser demoing the BLCK_NOIR.
  • Darkwaves effects firmware for the BLCK_NOIR
  • You can find Open Source starting today at:

    Analogue Haven (Los Angeles)
    Control Voltage (Portland)
    Robotspeak (SF)
    Control (NYC)
    Modular8 (Portland) Schneidersladen (Berlin) (España)

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