TR-808 with Rossum Filters

Thursday, August 8th, 2019 | 12:00 am and filed in Gear, Commercial Projects.

Happy 808 Day!

I’ve been testing the Rossum Electro Music Linnaeus multimode filter module which is going into production this week. Since it’s 808 day, i figured it would be interesting to see how it treats some classic electronic drum sounds. Linnaeus is a stereo module and you can invert the modulation of the two channels to create stereo imaging effects. There’s also a linear FM feature, including a modulation oscillator (with selectable waveforms). When the filter is in self oscillation, you can create “Chowning” style ringing tones, or absolutely destroy a tone being processed through the filter.

The 808 Bass Drum is isolated and running through the Rossum Evolution, and the 808 Accent trigger is pulsing Control Forge which has a random stepped voltage sequence which is patched to both Evolution and Linnaeus.

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