Buchla Performance at Synthplex 2019

Saturday, July 11th, 2020 | 11:10 pm and filed in peff.

Many creatives seem to have adapted well to the unexpected conditions of 2020 and managed to be incredibly productive under these incredible circumstances. Other obligations occupy most of my time these days and have not had the time or energy to be creative, but I have been enjoying listening to some the great releases from friends and colleagues.

In the little spare time available, I’ve been taking care of some digital housekeeping and finally managed to post up audio from my performance at Synthplex 2019. This is a performance on a Buchla system presented in quadraphonic sound. The only recording from the event is a two channel capture from the A/V team controlling the visuals and sound.

The patch was structured in five parts that build through a range of tonal and atonal techniques. It was not a fully preprogrammed performance, and because the patch relies on the Buchla 272e FM tuner module, there’s a risk factor involved in trying to play off whatever signals are flowing through the ether. Frankly, this performance was not the best representation of what the patch can sound like. There was no soundcheck, and I didn’t have time to get all of the initial settings for the patch dialed in, and I struggled during the first two sections to get things together (and in tune). Finally about half way through during the third movement, things started flowing well and I was pretty happy with the last sections.

peff · Kurt Kurasaki - Live Buchla Performance - Synthplex 2019

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