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Sunday, October 18th, 1998 | 2:37 pm and filed in ReBirth.

I’ve been working on some Photoshop Actions for the knob kit, all you have to do is run it and it will do the resize calculation:) Another knob for the 808 instrument selector is also added, and some other images to help clarify the process of using these templates. The new archive is bigger now. Approximately 8.6 Megabytes - in a stuffit archive. I know these will work on a mac, but they have yet to be tested on a Windoze system yet. I will probably have them available on Hotline by the end of the week.

Added some new 1.5 Mods to the adaptor collection. VoxBox[a], Pitch White Edition[a], and FatBoy[a].

Some other cool things in the works: I have started on a new GUI “Ultra Violet” –no idea what its going to sound like just yet. I may use the UV GUI on the new version of dejenerate or toss it on ReVerb or something, but i’m still not certain. For the first time im acutally taking some preplanned steps and trying to automate a lot of the repetitive tasks of mod making. The only problem that I see the lack of diversity in this process–eh but who knows. Anyone can tell that i usually draw upon ideas from previous mods in creating new ones. Be it the knobs or the transport buttons or typeset, samples etc.

Speaking of which, cIRCLE has borrowed some of my samples for a mod, “Blade Runner”, for a nice dnb type of sound. It’s sample only! for now. But we shall see about that:-) It has also opened me up to the possibility of making the samples available.

Several people have asked me for specific samples from some of the mods–(probably more have already taken some!) But I am open to the idea with a bit of trade in consideration..I’d like to receive an original RB2.0 Mod in return - one that sounds good preferrably with a ReBirth Song demo file:) That will be made publicly available. I don’t really care if it’s sounds only… Or if you have some samples you want packed into a mod, send them my way and i’ll pack it…(probably edit it too,hehe)


P.S. Sorry about lagging connections, the host has been a mirror for the new Mac TV Commercial Advertisement, so at times the bandwidth gets spread thin. But hey…i can’t complain since it’s free space and a fast connection:)

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