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RSP-1200 update

Monday, November 30th, 1998

Hey a quick word before i clear the news here for November. the RSP1200 mod is near completion. The GUI interface is done…Now i’m just obsessive complusively tweeking on the last minor details, and waiting for HD space to upload it to the ftp. In the meantime, take a sneak peak at the near finished […]

Computer Controlled Website Launched

Tuesday, November 24th, 1998

The Computer Controlled Website is now up! Hami has done a LOT of work to get this sucker going. Please visit there for more in depth info about the different mods available. We try to stay on top of the ones currently available, both official and unofficial.
We’ve added some tech tips sections to the site […]

Niftywerks: New Host

Wednesday, November 11th, 1998

Niftywerks is now hosting this website. Man, the Xoom servers have been sucking big time lately. So I’ve moved the site to a private server. Hopefully things will be faster and more accessible. The site is hosted on a Supermac S900 with a Powerjolt G3 running MacOS 8 and WebStar 3 If anyone […]