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Wednesday, November 11th, 1998 | 9:47 pm and filed in peff.

Niftywerks is now hosting this website. Man, the Xoom servers have been sucking big time lately. So I’ve moved the site to a private server. Hopefully things will be faster and more accessible. The site is hosted on a Supermac S900 with a Powerjolt G3 running MacOS 8 and WebStar 3 ;-) If anyone is interested in setting up a site hosted on a mac server, this is definitely the place to check out.

DO NOT CALL or VISIT The Offices of Niftywerks for Technical support for ReBirth or for assistance for Mod making.

Thanks to Ennis and the rest of the Niftywerks guys for being so generous this past year and a half in hosting the Computer Controlled Hotline/FTP server.

Factory 188 Real Audio Server, is also part of Niftywerks, and this is a shameless plug to help bolster net traffic to their Real Audio Broadcasts. Check it out, since they do play some really cool music 24/7.

ReBirth version 2.0.1 update has been released. Featuring the Vintage 303 synth mode, and I must admit the sound is different and has been somewhat missed. I guess there are going to be a few problems with this version and compatibility with old RBIs files, nothing severe, but just another minor inconvenience. One bug that I have found is with the delay–you cannot get 32 full steps of delay, it stops at step 26 or step 27.

MacOS 8.5 seems to be quite compatible with ReBirth RB-338 V2.0.1. But 8.5 is a RAM hog. My System Memory consumption jumped from 20Megs in 8.1 to 38 Megs in 8.5. Even in a very small installation (basic extensions) 8.5 still consumes about 11mb of Ram. So if you’re considering the upgrade, make sure you have the extra ram to spare. For Example: My old PB “Flaming” 5300c has 48megs of RAM, and I usually set ReBirth’s memory setting to about 24 megs…So I barely have room (not to mention the init extensions) to do anything but ReBirth on it. If you’re running a newer model PowerBook, make sure that you’ve got the RAM before you consider installing 8.5 and using ReBirth.

As far as ReBirthmarks go, based on some of my own rough unscientific tests, there really is no difference in the result based on the OS you are using with rebirth. The scores are pretty much the same, so it seems that upgrading to a newer OS doesn’t actually improve the performance of the application. ReBirthmarks, as far as macs are concerned seem to be wholly based on the hardware performance of your particular machine.

Now the latest in mods:
Due to the tremendous response and interest, thanks to THE STORM, et al., AXIOM_peace.rbm has undergone a total revision. In AXP rev 2, The graphics have been redone, and some of the samples have been changed or edited (the earlier version had some really quiet percussion samples that needed some dynamics increase) This Mod has been submitted to the Propellerheads in Sweden, for Officialization, and should appear on their website in the near future. If you really can’t wait, it is available now from or

Recommended Listening for AXP Rev2:
“Peace for Sideways” - AXP demo.rbs “Electronic Bird of Paradise”

The “digital xt4c” mod is also online featuring some killer vocal samples from an old session I recorded. The mod reuses the UV gui used in the the ReVerb+ mod. It’s definitely house music…and a little more;-) I have to admit i’m pretty pleased with the little 303 riff’s I pulled off on the demo track “Phunxtacy”

PhaseII, believe it or not is still in the works. One of these days, I’ll get around to it. Also the original dejenerate mod, too. Winter’s coming, so there’s more darkness which usually helps in doing these projects…

As usual, I hope you enjoy the stuff, and if you have a gripe, please e-mail me:

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