April Stuff…

Tuesday, April 6th, 1999 | 8:35 am and filed in peff.

Quicktime™:: So what do you think about the little loop on the start up page for this site? Made with the minimod! If you don’t have the Quicktime™ 2.0 plugin for your browser, you probably can’t hear it anyways. You’ll get a message below also saying that you need the plug in. Sorry, windoze people, I’m on a mac, and QT3 is the standard.

Computer Controlled::There were just too many gifs in the menu bar on the side here, so i’ve revised things a bit. Opting for a simpler look for faster page loading. The links to the mod pages are not linked yet. So in the meantime, go to Computer Controlled to check out the latest in the ReBirth Mods.

ElekD.rotorkopf.dk:: Recently, I joined the collaborative effort known as Elektrisches Descent and worked on their latest RBS release, “Into The Nebula”. If you haven’t already checked it out on the ElekD pages on rotorkopf. I will probably have a remixed version posted here soon on my RBS page-which should still work.

10 Stupid Answers, an Unfinished RBS track, and an unkind photo:: I also answered those 10 Stupid question’s on wing’s pages. I guess trying to be funny just isn’t my thing. Oh well… you can see for yourself:-p

www.mp3.com:: For those Non ReBirth Using visitors, I’ve uploaded one of my tracks, Phunxtacy (radio edit) to mp3.com, but if you already have RB2.0 you can download the RBS track from here and the mod and remix your own version:) It sounds much better than the mp3 version.

Im still trying to finish up some other old mod projects. Hopefully soon! but you never know, It’s tax time here and I’m getting ready to do my ritual last minute taxes

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