Hardware Repairs

Monday, April 12th, 1999 | 8:42 am and filed in stuff.

JPG::I’ve added a picture from my workbench. Real World style of mod making:-) Actually it’s just another piece of gear that needs some maintenance. Seems like this stuff is never ending… Click on the JPG link. This unit actually got a bit dirty, so i’ve been washing the motherboards. (don’t ask…it’s a long story).

RBM::Also, I’ve got a new mod in the works. I have a feeling that this will just be a sample only type of mod, or i will pop one of my generic GUI’s on it. I’ve named it Sync. Inspired by -=cIRCLE=- who asked me how to get that hard edge sound out of synths that kind of sound like distorted electric guitars (kind of a overdriven metallic sound). These sounds are created on my sequential circuits Prophet 5, with the two oscillators in “sync” mode–hence the name. I’ll load up a little loop of the mod on my startup page soon.

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